PROV 205

Our Vision

  • To join and lead our clients on life's greatest journey: inward growth producing outward, sustainable change.  
  • To focus our attention upon internal obstacles over external ones in order to: 1) unearth inner resources we only dreamed of; 2) overcome external challenges we feared we never could; and 3) unleash full potential beyond our imagining.
  • To face and surmount those obstacles with an unwavering belief in post-traumatic growth.  Challenges confronted correctly lead us toward greater functioning than we ever anticipated. 

Our Mission

We join and lead our clients through the challenging journey of discovering, owning and implementing wisdom while relinquishing outdated and ineffective ways of thinking and behaving.  We do that by first building a solid bridge of trust between ourselves and our clients across which we will transport new ways of seeing old experiences.  In the process, dynamic truths that our clients have somehow always known but have not consistently put into practice emerge and dare us to try them out.  The journey can be fitful and fearsome but the rewards can be lifelong and luminous.  Why wait any longer to begin your journey?  



Joël Núñez, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

New Jersey State licensed clinical psychologist treating individuals, couples, and families facing various challenges in living.

Published author and speaker consulting with private and public sector agencies on understanding and optimizing human performance. 


Angela P. Vargas, Ph.D.


Dr. Vargas is a licensed counseling psychologist in New Jersey and New York.  She has extensive education, training, and experience in the field of mental health across the lifespan, with communities of diverse backgrounds and resources, and within inpatient and outpatient settings.

Enmanuel Mercedes, Ph.D.


Dr. Mercedes is a licensed counseling psychologist in New Jersey and New York.  He specializes in working with individuals with anxiety and depression, ranging from the effects of daily stress to overwhelming emotional experiences.


Office Staff

Deyanira Veloz-Núñez

Sheila Vasquez
Administrative Assistant

Karina Gomez
Office Assistant



"Dr. Núñez has an amazing gift of helping people realize that everything they need for success is already within them." B.Y.

Thank you Dr. Núñez for what you have taught us.  It has really changed our lives!  Mr. & Mrs. P. Johnson

"Thank you PROV 205 for answering all our questions, and for creating an office environment filled with professionalism and friendliness." Deven

 "Thank you for listening and for helping me save my family.  I am truly grateful!" Husband and father